Dickman Consulting Alliance

Our focus

We specialize in the following areas
Child Advocacy

Knowing the child is more important than knowing the law.

Special Needs

Our approach is to focus on Person Centered Planning.


If you don’t do it right it is not going to work.

About Us

30 years experience helping children and adults with special needs.
We help people with special needs.

For 30 years families caring for children with life long special needs have helped us develop a unique person centered approach to preserving family values and ensuring the quality of life of the family member with the disability. A person centered perspective not only allows for the preservation of assets, but also for the knowledgeable, compassionate, and burden free transfer of care giving responsibility. When the time comes, the individual with special needs should have the financial, professional, and caring support required to ensure the survival of family values and a quality and happy life.

  • Child Advocacy
  • Special Needs
  • Development