Planning for Individuals with Special Needs: Human Resource Planning

Planning for Individuals with Special Needs: Human Resource Planning Human resources are as important as money. Planning that is truly person centered requires that instructions be incorporated in a will and trust intended to provide guidance to future care providers as to the development of a network of human support for the person with special needs. Contact[…]

Planning for Individuals with Special Needs: Special Needs, Wills and Trusts

Planning for Individuals with Special Needs: Special Needs, Wills and Trusts Special needs planning should promote harmony and sharing rather than burden and sacrifice. Our Special Needs Estate Planning program addresses those unique considerations that must be incorporated into your Will and Trust to provide comfort and confidence that your family member with special needs will have[…]

Adoptees Among Students with Disabilities

Journal of Learning Disabilities, 25, 529-531, 543 G. Emerson Dickman, J.D. 1992 I was truly delighted by Brodzinsky and Steiger’s (1991) insightful presentation of their findings regarding the overrepresentation of adoptees among special education populations. As a child advocate in the field of special education over the past 15 years, I have handled in excess[…]

Adopted Child Status, Identity and Behaviour

Adopted Child Status Adopted Child Status, Individuaton, Identity and Adolescent Behaviour: The Pathogenesis of Adoption G. Emerson Dickman, J.D. 1996 The behavioral manifestations of the problematic identity formation experienced by many adopted children are based on the inability to bring childhood identifications and attributions into sufficient focus to establish a consistent set of expectations. This[…]

Roads Less Traveled

Roads Less Traveled Although I enjoy celebrating how far we have come, it does a disservice to those for whom we care so much not to occasionally bring attention to how far we have yet to go. Problems learning how to read are said to be the reason for 80 to 90% of children being found eligible for[…]

The Law and Unintended Consequences

The Law and Unintended Consequences With few exceptions, laws are conceived much more liberally than they are implemented. Laws are conceived in an atmosphere where everything is possible; all teachers are highly qualified and all schools employ a plethora of Reading Intervention Specialists. Laws are implemented, on the other hand, in an environment where resources[…]

Letter to Pasternack (OSERS)

Letter to Pasternack (OSERS) G. Emerson Dickman, J.D. Nov. 16, 2001 Do parents participating in an IEP meeting have the right to be informed as to the qualifications of the instructor designated to deliver the particular methodology or specifically designed instruction identified in the IEP? Robert H. Pasternack, Ph. D. Assistant Secretary Office of Special[…]

Special Education For Pupils With Disabilities

Special Education for Pupils with Disabilities G. Emerson Dickman, J.D. 1995 An overview of legal and practical issues regarding the delivery of special education to pupils with disabilities. Basic rights Due Process School Records Quality Of Services Least Restrictive Environment Section 504 Practical Considerations Sum Good of the Whole vs. Good of the Individual Expectations[…]

Scope of Education

Scope of Education Stacy Therese Cherry, J.D. June 2006 Congress enacted the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, (“IDEA”), 20 U.S.C.§1401 et seq. with the intent to promote the education of individuals with disabilities by providing federal funds to states that comply with the federal statute. Board of Educ. v. Rowley, 458 U.S. 176, 179 (1982). Congress reauthorized the Individuals with Disabilities[…]