Child Advocacy

Obtaining Services for a Child in Need of Special Education : Child Advocacy

Emerson Dickman has been providing special education advocacy for 30 years. The depth of Emerson’s interest in the field can be seen in his résumé and the articles and book chapters that he has written; some of which appear in the Reading Room. The Dickman Consulting Alliance has been recently developed to provide unique access to a network of nationally recognized experts in the fields of educational research, brain development, genetics, educational staff development, advocacy, and cutting edge educational practice.

The Dickman Consulting Alliance is intended to provide comfort, based on authoritative input, that the child’s needs are being appropriately met by the programs and services provided in school. The goal of a consultation would, in part, be to obtain a sufficient understanding of the child’s profile for parents, educators, practitioners, advocates/attorneys, and others to identify what constitutes appropriate educational programming and placement. The process usually includes the following steps:

Step 1. An initial conference to:

  • gather anecdotal information,
  • review records,
  • arrive at consensus as to the child’s educational needs,
  • arrive at consensus as to the character of an appropriate educational program, and
  • develop an action plan.

Step 2. Assignment of responsibility for implementation of the action plan.

Step 3. Preparation of a detailed memorandum reflecting the information gathered and consensus reached during the initial conference.


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