Educators staff development

Educational staff development

Experiencing professional growth

Michael Fullan has stated that,

“The greatest problem faced by schools is not resistance to innovation, but the fragmentation, overload, and incoherence resulting from the uncritical acceptance of too many different innovations.”

As a school administrator or a teacher, are you interested in learning more about improving educational outcomes for children? Do you seek professional growth opportunities involving the latest ideas and best practices?

Our faculty is not only on the cutting edge of what works, many of our faculty are personally responsible for the cutting edge. Early identification and timely intervention, responsiveness to intervention, growth models, the state of the art in reading research and remediation, etc.; innovation is pouring down. Our faculty can cut through the “incoherence” and “uncritical acceptance” and provide expert guidance as to what works and how to build the capacity to implement what works.

Click on the faculty page and decide for yourself whether we have the experience and knowledge to design just the right staff development experience to satisfy the needs of your school (public or private) and improve the outcomes of the children for whom you are most concerned.

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