Consulting Services

Consulting Services

Child Advocacy

Knowing the child is more important than knowing the law.  It is hard to fix something if you don’t know what is wrong.  The law is simple; every child is entitled to an appropriate education where he or she can receive a meaningful benefit.  The child is complicated; what are the child’s needs, what services are necessary to meet those needs, how do you successfully compete for limited resources.  Diagnosis, eligibility, classification, program, and placement; every significant step in the process requires an intimate knowledge of the child.

Planning for Individual with Special Needs

Our approach is to focus on Person Centered Planning. In order to feel comfortable that their child will be safe and happy when they are gone, parents need estate planning documents that provide financial support that won’t interfere with benefits and human supports that will reflect unique family values while ensuring safety and happiness in an environment that promotes potential, self-reliance, and independence.  The focus of such planning is centered on the person with the disability. See Special Needs Wills and TrustsHuman Resource PlanningTransitions and Access to Adult Services, and Guardianship and other forms of substitute decision – making elsewhere on this website.

Educational Staff Development

The internet is full of sites that promise easy answers to difficult questions. The bottom line is, if you don’t do it right it is not going to work.  “In two days our program can teach every one in your school to successfully remediate a struggling reader”.  They use all the right words, e.q., research-based, National Reading Panel, multisensory, and the like, but many are mostly flask with no substance.  We can tell you what works and what doesn’t work.  We can provide training, presentations, seminars, and workshops to expose you and your staff to the latest, the proven, and the effective. Check out our Faculty and Programs.

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