Special Needs

Planning for Individuals with Special Needs

Our approach is to focus on Person Centered Planning. In order to feel comfortable that their child will be safe and happy when they are gone, parents need estate planning documents that provide financial support that won’t interfere with benefits and human supports that will reflect unique family values while ensuring safety and happiness in an environment that promotes potential, self-reliance, and independence. The focus of such planning is centered on the person with the disability. See Special Needs Wills and Trusts, Human Resource Planning,Transitions and Access to Adult Services, and Guardianship and other forms of substitute decision – making elsewhere on this website.

Trusts & Wills

Special needs planning should promote harmony and sharing rather than burden and sacrifice.

Our Special Needs Estate Planning program addresses those unique considerations that must be incorporated into your Will and Trust to provide comfort and confidence that your family member with special needs will have a quality of life consistent with your wishes and desires; even after you are gone. As practitioners and consultants we can help ensure that your Will and Trust supports the survival of your values as well as protecting your assets and providing a foundation for future decision making. Our Person Centered Planning concepts include features that are personal to your situation and are tailored to reflect a deep understanding of the abilities as well as the challenges of the individual with special needs.

Human Resource Planning

Human resources are as important as money. Planning that is truly person centered requires that instructions be incorporated in a will and trust intended to provide guidance to future care providers as to the development of a network of human support for the person with special needs.


We can discuss with you the criteria for making a decision as to whether a Guardianship Proceeding is warranted. If you are outside the State of New Jersey we can also assist your attorney in making a petition to the Court having jurisdiction. As you will see, if you visit the Reading Room, Special Needs Planning section we have some unique perspectives regarding the guardianship process.

We can also assist you in determining whether a Conservatorship, Power of Attorney, a Health Care Directive or Proxy, or other voluntary delegation of decision-making authority is appropriate.